Dr. B P Singh,
B.E (Elect), LL.B., LL.M, Ph.D (Law)

Technical Member-Patents

Dr. B P Singh

Dr. B P Singh is an Engineer-Turned-Lawyer. He holds academic Degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering, LL.B, LL.M and Doctor of Philosophy in Law.

Dr. Singh started his career with Indian Air Force before switching over to the field of Patents about 27 years ago. He served Indian Patent Office as Controller of Patents for about 17 years. He also functioned as Registrar of Semi-conductor Integrated Circuit Layout Design Registry (SICLDR).

Apart from being involved in statutory works in the field of IPRs in general and Patents in particular, Dr. Singh was instrumental in re-engineering of Patent Granting Procedures and formulation of several procedural guidelines such as:

      ❖ Examination Guidelines for Computer Related Inventions (CRIs),
      ❖ Development of Patent Office Procedure (POP),
      ❖ Electronic workflow in Indian Patenting System.
      ❖ Manual of Patent Office Practice and Procedure (MPOPP) and
      ❖ Guidelines for Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH),

Dr. Singh has also functioned as Head of Intellectual Property Office, Delhi as well as Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Intellectual Property Management (RGNIIPM), Nagpur. At RGNIIPM, he was instrumental in providing quality training to patent examiners including developing course curricula for such training.

Dr. Singh has vast experience in the field of propagation and promotion of IPRs in general and Patents in particular. He has also been associated with several universities for promotion of IPRs. He has published scholarly articles on Human Right aspects of Patents Rights as well as IPRs & Blockchain.